Quality Wholesale Flower

Individually packaged single units. meticulously cultivated and cured medical marijuana flower. This flower is of the highest grade.

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Diamond Labs Extracts

Emerald Wholesale has an award winning sister company Diamond Labs.  Diamond shares a facility with Emerald, giving Diamond access to some of the best material for concentrates in Oklahoma. Diamond is ready to fill bulk orders or service the high end cannabis boutique. Head of Honey, partnered with Diamond early on to help Diamond perfect its craft. Thanks HOH!


Our Cannabis and Concentrates win awards

To the left see our founder Tyler holding the 2019 Cannabis Cup for Hybrid Flower(Chem D I95). Emerald's Orange Apricot took second place in the Indica category. Diamond Labs took second in the squash off with Emeralds GMO and third in Diamond concentrates with Member Berry.

For your store or enterprise

We want to deliver the benefits of Medical Marijuana to the American public. Emerald and Diamond Loves to "Drops" at retail locations. We have gotten creative with events to drive foot traffic to retail locations and give back to the community. Diamonds sold penny grams of medicine for the exchange of a coat that went to those in need in Tulsa.

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